Disneyland Paris 25 – Grand Celebration – April 12th, 2017

At Disneyland Paris, everyday’s a celebration!

April 12th, 2017 was the day we’d all been waiting for for months. Our home away from home was turning 25 and the celebration was promising to be HUGE! The build up to the event was killing us, because nobody knew any details until literally the day itself.

It’s time to open up the gates!

We woke up superearly from our night at the Disneyland Hotel to get ready. 4 am wake up call it is, because we wouldn’t want to miss a second of this special day. We put on our most sparkly blue and silver outfits and hit the gates around 6am for them to open at 8. The wait seemed so short, because I spend it with all my faves. We all were first at the gates!

The atmosphere was very cosy, up until the big crowd was let through the gates, a real stampede was happening and along came pushing and pulling and actual fistfights, which really was a pity. While entering we got treated to a beautiful birthday badge and we tried to find a spot for the Grand Celebration Opening Ceremony on Central Plaza.

Grand Celebration Opening Ceremony

At 9 am all the magic started to overwhelm us. Walt’s voice played through the speakers and most of us got a little emotional, at least I know I did. We were experiencing a moment that we’d never forget and we were experiencing it together. What followed was 1 hour of pure Disney Magic. Mickey presented us our 5 beautiful lands, with plenty of rare characters. I tried counting them and I came to a total of 151 characters attending this event. I didn’t take any photos of the event, because I wanted to really live the moment, which is easier to do when filming… In the vlogs below, you can find all the video footage I took on this very special day.

Meeting Max & Clarice

The places everyone wanted to be after the Opening Ceremony were the character meet and greet areas. Nobody knew which outfits they would come out with, but we knew it was gonna be dazzling, shinning, shimmering and splendid! We got the chance to meet Max and Clarice, don’t they look beautiful? All the characters had brand new outfits!

Daisy & Pluto were also out, but at this point it was not possible to meet all of them.

Grand Celebration Cavalcade


After both meet and greets, it was time to find a space for the next mysterious thing on the program, the Grand Celebration Cavalcade. Again, nobody knew what’s to happen. We decided to go and stand near Casey’s Corner, because rumour had it character were gonna walk in or out near Plaza Gardens. We had a wonderful view of the Cavalcade with all rare characters dancing and singing. Confetti was flying everywhere and the feeling we got was out of this world.

Thanks to my friends from MouseSteps, DLRPFans, Pixiedust.be and CuriousAxel, I had the most magical view for the second one, Town Square down Main Street USA with the castle behind, can it get more perfect? What’s to follow is a load of Disney magic coming your way ❤

More character meets

The Grand Celebration Cavalcade had us totally speechless, this day couldn’t get any better if we wished for it. Meet and greet were starting again after parade, so we didn’t watch parade, but decided to queue for Mickey and Minnie from them to arrive at 18.30 (by this time it was around 16.00).

My friend Hoodsie decided she preferred to meet Duffy & Shellie May, but we agreed that the one who had finished their meet first, would join the other. So I was lucky enough to be able to join Hoodsie in the queue for Duffy & Shellie. We also met Goofy and Donald afterwards.

The line for Chip and Dale was unfortunately closed, but Chip decided not to have that and took my hand to walk him to the gates, how magical is that?

Goodnight kisses

What a most magical day it was, so it was time to get waved goodbye by all our favorites while leaving the park.


I must admit, a few happy tears were shed today. We took some last photos on an almost empty Main Street USA. It was such a perfect day and I would’ve spend it any other way then with my best friends ❤


Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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