RunDisney 2017 – Lumiere 5K & Kick-Off Party

C’est la fête!

September 22nd, the first part of the second Disneyland Paris Magical Run Weekend is here! I was very nervous, because after last year, this year the 5K run was in the evening, all through the Walt Disney Studios Park and during opening hours!

On your marks

8 pm was the starting time, with the recommendation to arrive 1 hour prior to start in your coral. The coral is the starting area where you start your run, and it’s indicated on your bib number (running number). The starting line was in front of Sequoia Lodge Hotel this year! All overexcited, we arrived in our coral at 6.40-ish and we were the first ones there! We were dancing with the dance crew for an hour and getting hyped to run. The run start a little late, but we were nowhere to be tamed. We ran through Disney Village and it all seemed so blurry, loads and loads of people were watching and it was very unreal.

Once a year, we throw a party here in town!

We were running for our lives, trying to make it to the first character stop. Right after the 1K sign, the first background appeared… Beauty and the Beast music playing in Front Lot, would it be true? I looked up and OH MY GOD! Belle and Beast in his ball outfit were meeting! Beast was being his kind self and one happy me, meeting the Beast.

Catched my breath while waiting and run straight through studio 1, no need to hurry, because the second meeting opportunity was already there. Clopin & Esmeralda were checking everyone’s running outfits for this topsy turvy day!

Just keep running!

We continued running through the Ratatouille area, where Marie was meeting and through Toy Story Playland. Then to run into the Studio Tram Tour attraction for the last 3-ish K to run out to the Stunt show area, where Remy & Emile were meeting and straight to the finish line.

Get the party started!

Right after finishing the 5K, there was an opportunity to join in the Kick-off Party. This was ticketed seperately and required wristbands. The party started incredibly late, because having all runner start the race took longer than expected. The party started right after the last runners went into the Studio Tram Tour section, but yet quite a big part of the Studios remained reserved for the runs to finish.

In the meantime, we had seen photos that Frollo & Quasimodo were switching with Clopin & Esmeralda at their location, so we took our chance of rejoining that queue to meet them. And we got lucky!

The other meet and greets were also the same as during the run and there was an option to join a Pasta Party (extra payment was required), which we didn’t do. I must say the party wasn’t incredible, you can do all the rides without any wait, but that’s about it.

Mickey & friends were also indicated on the program, so we decided to go and see them, before heading back to the hotel as it was almost 11pm. Little did we know we’d almost spend another hours dancing with all our friends to the Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Queen & Bruno Mars. Such a magical time and totally made up for the lack of other things to do at the party. (Note: the Kick-off party vlog is only available on desktop, due to copyright).

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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