RunDisney 2017 – 10K

Once upon a dream…

The morning after the 5K & kick-off party. Luckily our legs aren’t sore. We had about 4 hours of sleep, when we were walking out Hotel Cheyenne on our way for the second round of running

Higitus Figitus

We’re starting off the same route as yesterday, only the starting line is at Vapiano’s today. The Three Little Pigs are out to meet right outside Art of Animation, but we are afraid of the Big Bad Wolf and continue running.

Off to Main Street USA we go, where friends and family of all runners have come to cheer! We run through Agrabah, where Aladdin and the Genie are out and through Fantasyland, where Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio wait for us (I don’t have that photo yet, it’s missing from my photopass). Running through the castle and a breathtaking moment is awaiting us… (or should I say firebreathing?)

The Three Fairies are out along with my beloved dragon from the parade! Day is made! Fauna, Flora and Merryweather wish me luck, as I continue my journey into Discoveryland.

In Discoveryland, Stitch and Angel wave to the runners, but I’m sorry Stitch, no time to lose! While running back into Fantasyland next to It’s a small world, another magical surprise awaits us. Merlin & Fairy Godmother are there to meet us all!

I’m late sorry White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat, no time to stop as it’s time to explore Adventureland. My favorite puppy and Small Mailman are awaiting us. One of my friends tells me he’s seen Yzma & Kronk leave the set, so we decide to stay around that area for them to come back! I yelled pull the lever at Kronk and he came chasing me while I was running off, unfortunately it was the wrong lever! (Why do we even have that lever?)

After this meet, it was almost opening time and there was 1K of the course backstage, at which point when we got there, they cut the course, which made my legs very happy. So quicker than expected we made it back into Frontierland, where Woody, Jessie & Bullseye were out near Cowboy Cookout and Jack & Sally near Big Thunder Mountain.

A little more backstage running took us back into the Walt Disney Studios and the Stunt Show where Remy & Emile were out once again. And straight to the Finish line! Another 10K done!

The vlog

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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