RunDisney 2017 – Half Marathon (21K) & Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Challenge

Hola amigos!

This is it! The last encounter of the Magical Run Weekend! Our legs are sore, but we don’t care anymore, we are in a permanent state of runners high!

I can go the distance!


In this second edition, the first 8K of the 21K are inside both Disney Parks, then to go out and run through the villages in the close area and come back to Hotel Sante Fe and around Lake Disney back to the finish!

The starting line was at Vapiano’s again and running into the Walt Disney Studios, Spiderman was the first one to encourage us in this Half Marathon. We were going into the Studio Tram Tour attraction again, where Alice & Tink where sending us happy thoughts.

Think of a wonderful thought, because we still have lots of kilometres to go. The part of the course was mainly the same as the 10K, running into Frontierland to meet these three amigos: Panchito, Donald and José. Isn’t Donald the cutest giving me kisses?

The another friends at this same location were Yzma, Kronk & Kuzco again. Let’s keep going! After this small bit of Frontierland, we run at the back of the Main Street houses, it’s really weird to see them from that side. Running out on Main Street USA at the Boarding House, I see probably the largest queue all weekend: The Big Mouse himself and his gorgeous wifey were meeting in their 25th anniversary best.

I was really tempted to stop, but no time to lose! Hopefully Mickey will be out on a more regular base soon! I loved all the family and friends on Main Street. Shoutout to the family who had a sign ‘Worst Parade Ever’! Quick stop to snap this shot of the most beautiful castle in the world! (Yes it’s true!)

Running back into Adventureland, where Timon and Rafiki are meeting. Unfortunately I missed out on the Hyena’s who were on the other set. Allez Allez! On to Fantasyland and Jack Sparrow meeting outside his attraction. Through the castle back to the other side of Fantasyland, where Scrooge was trying to get pennies from the runners.

Near It’s a Small World, Snow White & Rapunzel and their Princes are cheering. Crush let’s me join the East Australian current for a few second. This run really goes whooooo-whaaaaaaaa and then whoooooohooooow

Running back into Discoveryland, we are welcomed by Stormtroopers, followed by Judy Hopps (Nick was also there in the other set) and then my ultimate favorites. Joy & Sadness ❤

Off we go outside the parks for the long run around and straight on to the finish line!

Put it together and what have you got? Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

A brand new addition to this year’s race, was the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Challenge! If you entered the 10K and the 21K this weekend, you could register upon registration for the challenge. This challenge didn’t bring in any extra costs, but you did earn a very special extra medal. So here’s happy me showing off all my bling!

See you next year?

The vlog:

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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