Lottie Cosplay – Halloween Soiree 2016

When a woman says later, she really means not ever…


Come to the party it’s a spooky wooky fright night! On this All Hallows Eve, I’m throwing it back the Halloween last year. It’s been a habit for me to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland Paris for a few years now and the most fun thing about it: it’s the only evening a year that adults can dress up to the parks.

Charlotte La Bouff

I like to pick out an original character to cosplay , preferably someone no one else has thought of. So last year, I’ve decided to cosplay as Princess Tiana’s BBF Charlotte. Charlotte is a sassy diva, who wants to marry a prince and even kiss frogs for it if she’d have to. Oh prince Naveeeeeeeeeeen!

Waiting for the Soiree the come, I did get a little ‘scared’ that people were not gonna know who Lottie was, because Princess & the Frog definitely needs more appreciation. But all was well in the end and people definitely recognized Lottie .

The Cosplay

My full costume came from a theatre store in Ghent, called Avothea. The people in this shop are absolutely amazing and helpful. My dress was rented, but I did buy all the accesories. They even did the wig for me, which is basically two fringed platina blonde wigs sewn together and twisted into a cignon.

The evil so fabulous Alyssa

P.S.: Buy the amazing ears Alyssa makes here

My make up, was all princessy pink eyeshadow, I used Da Bling & Passionate by MAC and my normal foundation routine. Then I went in with liquid eyeliner to create the tears rolling down my face.

With a little help from my friends

Most fun thing about the Soiree, except the entertainment offered by Disneyland Paris, is taking photos with your friends in your outfits and just having great fun!

With Alyssa & Ellie Steadman
With Steph as Cinderella
The original Briar Rose Shawnee

Being all dressed up, it’s really fun to get chatty with other people who are dressed up as well, and maybe even from the same movie!


Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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