Disneyland Paris 25 – Grand Celebration Photobook – COLLAB

Look at this photograph… Every time I look it makes me laugh…

You usually see me holding my camera and snapping away. Ever since digital photography, we take loads of photos on all kinds of devices, but do we ever do anything with them? A small part ends up on social media, on our phone as a screensaver and here and there we get one printed. But what if we can turn these photos into more touchable memories?

A few weeks ago, the people from Fotofabriek reached out to me, asking if I wanted to create a photobook using their software, to create memories to last a lifetime! Let get into it.

About Fotofabriek

Fotofabriek is an online photo service, where you can create different products with your own photos on it. There’s photobooks, calendars, journals, all types of cards,wall decorations and many more things. They’ve taken home some prices recently in the Netherlands for best photobooksupplier.

Personally, I created a hardcover A4-sized photobook of 22 pages, which start at a price of 22,99 euros. Smaller books start at 14,99 already. You can choose different kinds of covers and add up to a total of 200 pages! Curious what I created? Let’s see!

How to

There’s two ways of getting started, you can either create your photoproduct online, or you can download their own software onto your computer and get started from there.

I opted to go with the software option, which you can download here for both Windows & Mac, Software link

The software is really easy to work with and very self-explanatory.

I do recommend, before you start, you make one folder with all the photos you want to use in your book, this makes working in the software really easy and no need for browsing your folders all the time.

In the software, first you have to decide if you want to let the software make your book for you, or if you want to do everything manually or inbetween, where the software picks the placement of the photos, but you still add the photos where you want. I went for the full manual approach, arranging all my pictures myself, how and where I want them.

The lay-out option are amazing and really easy to work with. You can add texts, frames, shadow, add backgrounds and fixed patterns as you wish. The options are endless. With the guidance lines and shadows, it’s really easy to see how your book will eventually turn out and where you might lose bits of your picture in glue or production.

The result

I have to say, delivery of this book was extremely fast. I completed my order on monday, and the completed book was at my doorstep on thursday. Even if the wait was already this short, you get a video of your book being produced! How cool is that?

The book itself, is honestly amazing. The hard cover is beautiful and glossy and very high quality. And exactly represented like in the software. Also all the other pages are very realistic to what you made in the software if you keep track of the guidelines.I’ve opted for the similar layouts over the different pages with big background photos, smaller framed shadowed photos over it and played with different levels of transparency.

I’m very proud to show you the finished result: everyday’s a celebration!

Feeling inspired? Create your own book full of magical memories here: https://www.fotofabriek.nl/fotoboek-maken/

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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