Thriller – Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

One body. Six victims. No suspects.

! Disclaimer! This review may contain spoilers

I’ve recently found back my love for reading. I don’t like all types of books, mainly I want them to keep me interested, they have to be exciting and tensing from the start. The story has to have content and background story, be realistic and true to reality and I prefer books where you can think along, but not too detective like it that makes sense. Not too much to ask?

Walking around the bookstore, I always come home with books, but usually I can’t get around to reading them. But if you really want to do something, you have to make time for it right?


Title: Ragdoll

Author: Daniel Cole

Language: Dutch translation of the original in English

Pages: 399

Genre: Thriller


Tell me, if you are the devil, then what am I?

This is the intriguing first sentence immediately got me hooked. Followed by a flashback as a prologue, which at first sight has nothing to do with the story, gets you curious.

The story gets to the point immediately introducing detective William Fawkes and his team discovering ‘the ragdoll’. Six bodyparts of six different victims, sewn together into one body, with the head of a demon from Fawkes’ past

The story unfolds as there’s a list with 6 new victims with the exact dates and times of death. Fawkes’ team knows what to do. What follows is a tensing story of murders and detective work, with the necessary twists and turns to personal stories about the characters. Although I must admit that the story gets a bit predictable after the first two murders. About the plot, I can say that it’s very well build up, with the necessary flashbacks put into account at the right time. The actual ending was to me very much of a plot twist, I hadn’t seen it coming, which made the ending scene even more intriguing.

The story is fascinating, veracious and full of sarcastic humor, which is totally my cup of tea. If you’ve every roamed the streets of London, you will recognize some of the locations. There’s side references to surroundings, like music etc, which are always on point with irony. It’s a nice balance between not too creepy and yet just creepy enough, with a regular hint to your inner detective. The story unfolds out of the perspectives of the different characters, which is nice and easy to follow.


I must say the characters and their personal characteristics are rather classic. I will discuss the main characters who were to me the most memorable.

William Fawkes who has the leading role, is your classic grumpy head detective in the investigation, who is struggling with authority, himself and his ex.

Naguib Khalid. Demon from Fawkes’ past. The Cremation Killer.

Andrea. Fawkes’ ex-wife and journalist. She gets an unexpected big rol in the story.

Baxter. The female detective in Fawkes’ team. She’s a bit stereotyped as the tough girl who wants to compete with her male colleagues, but is tortured on the inside. She is completely between her gut feeling, love feeling and her job.

Edmunds. The classic newbie in the team, who’s ideas gets ignored just because he’s new and who only gets the shitty jobs. He feels the urge to prove himself and also unexpectedly gets a very prominent character in the unfolding of the story.


The cover of the book is clean and to the point, it’s very well related to the story. The side of the book looks like it’s been sewn together with the same red tread as on the image with is very original and eyecatching.

What I dislike is that the back cover is very full with reviews and opinions, it’s rather have it more clean to be more matching to the front.

The inside layout is nice and clean, the chapters aren’t too long and it’s timestamps are clearly indicated. Dialogues are easy to follow and well structured.

Movie material?

I totally think this book would make an amazing movie or even a tv series. Which actors would I like to see in the leading roles?

Russell Crowe as detective Fawkes. Charlize Theron as Andrea.

Emma Watson as Baxter. Michael Cara as Edmunds.


I’d totally recommend this book if you are looking for a slightly creepy pageturner, where you can really feel connected to the characters.

Wolf in sheep’s clothes

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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