Pixar’s Coco – A spoiler free review

The sense that you’re not making,
makes me un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco

The moment is finally here! Coco is out in theaters as of now! I was lucky to be able to get  tickets for the Avant-Premiere, and I swear, this movie went straight to the heart. Let’s talk about it.

Coco’s story in a “guitarstroke”

Coco tells the story of Miguel, a Mexican niño, who dreams to become a Mariachi musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Due to family history, his family doesn’t allow him to pursue his dream to become a musician and no music is allowed anywhere in their house. It’s Dia de los Muertos, on this night you are supposed to put up photos of your loved ones who passed away, so they can come and visit during the night. Miguel gets in a fight with his Abuelita (grandmother) and runs away, trying to pursue his dream to become the greatest musician of all time. Doing this, he gets stuck in the colourful Land of the Dead, trying to find his way back to his living family, being helped by his ancestors and revealing his full family history.

Story build up and that plottwist tho..

Starting off, I was at first a little worried about the development of the story. The getting into the actual story, seemed really long and extremely detailed, but getting into it after about 40 minutes, I realized all this background only just added to yourself feeling part of this wonderful story about family, pursuing your dreams, life after death and not letting people down.

I think every single person watching this movie, can relate to this movie in a very different way. Whether you have fallen out with a friend recently, or you have lost a family member, or you have just gone through a hard time, you will feel like you have learned from this movie to move past all the little things in life and enjoy life as much as you can, even if the Land of the Dead doesn’t look that bad after all.

Thanks to the in-depth and detailed background story, you get drawn into the movie like you are a character in it yourself, and you are really feeling and thinking along with Miguel. The storyline has so much detail, you get swung from one surprise into the next. Just as you’ve discovered one detail, you immediately get drawn into a new storyline, all leading up to the same big goals. That why this movie contains one of the best and most unexpected plot twists in movie history. All the people in the cinema literally gasped for air and at least half had tears streaming down their face. I think no one had seen this one coming.

Quite early in the movie, we get to know the character that is Coco, yet the reason why Coco is so important, isn’t revealed until that epic plot twist quite far down into this amazing story. And at that very moment, everything just falls into place. The whole story makes sense and you can’t stop wishing that Miguel will make it back to the Land of the Living before sunrise.

Never underestimate the power of music

Let’s talk about music. Because not only is music important to the feel of any movie, in Pixar’s Coco, music is literally part of the storyline. Michael Giacchino (who also composed for Inside Out, Ratatouille, Up & Zootopia) has done an impeccable job creating culturally correct music, not only adding to the feel and the atmosphere of the movie, but also adding to the story with music and lyrics. I loved the fact that music is the key to the whole storyline.

My favorites from the movie are probably quite the obvious ones when you will have seen the movie and have crossed the flower bridge to feel yourself inside the movie

  • Remember Me (Reunion)
  • Un Poco Loco
  • Everyone know Juanita
  • The World Es Mi Familia

I feel like the soundtrack can be listened to without having the feeling that the story has been spoiled by it.

Quotes for days

The movie is full of funny and meaningful quotes. I will list some of my favorites down below.

” Never name a street dog. They’ll follow you forever”

“Falsifying a unibrow is illegal”

“I hope you die very soon”

” I’m terribly allergic.” “Well, Dante doesn’t have any hair.” “And I don’t have a nose, yet here we are”

“We may have our differences, but nothing’s more important than family”

“You don’t have to forgive him, but we can’t forget him”

“Am I the love of your life?” “I don’t know I’m still angry at you”

Elements from other movies & reality

To me personally, the Land of the Dead is a combination of Zootopia and the Islands of Inside Out. It was nothing like I expected to look like. This joyful and colorful, and makes you believe people do live on after death.

The host of the talent show in the Land of the Dead, reminds me inevitably of the deceased Amy Winehouse. The looks, the attitude, the behaviour, it’s all very familiar.

Even if director Lee Unkrich denies the link, there’s a wink to the political situation going in Mexico and the USA.

What I learned from Coco

Coco has learned me to always treat people right, no matter if they are dead or alive. We need to see past our small differences and enjoy our time together while it lasts. We can’t forget about people, and precious moments need to be cherished. Photos are a simple, yet effective way to do so. Coco has also taught me to not hold grudges, life is too short.

Everyone’s dream and opinion in valuable, even if it’s not what you want to hear. If Miguel didn’t try to pursue his dreams, he would’ve never found the truth about his family history. We learn that stories being told aren’t always the absolute truth, and we should keep an open mind to learn and to improve ourselves, and be open to adjust the things we believe in for the better.

Personally to me, there’s a wink to dementia, and how people lose their memory and how we must fight to help them keep going and help them remember their cherished memories. Because fading memories can be more important than you think

People do live on after dead, as long as we remember them.


Pixar’s Coco is a beautiful, meaningful movie with magical storytelling that draws you right in. It’s a beautiful tribute to the Mexican culture and a visual pleasure to watch. This movie goes straight to the heart to everyone who lets it. This breaks with the traditional sweet storytelling, to create a movie that can teach every single one of us something about life. It deals with the real deals in life, not making it any sweeter than it is. The Land of the Dead has never been more full of life

Keep sparkling

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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