Urban Decay – Meltdown Make Up Remover

Fame to foam

Today I want to chat to you about one of my very favorite products, but I never read/see any reviews on it. So let’s chat about the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil Stick.

The product

This pretty bulky product has settled into my skincare right after I bought it. Yes, I said skincare, because taking off your make up with this stick, leaves your skin beautifully hydrated and fresh.

The amount of product in this is huge, and you only need a few swipes across your face to take all your makeup off. The way it’s packaged is really handy. You get 45g of product. At this point I have used it about 20 times and you can barely see it’s been used!

The smell is very sweet and nice, it reminds me of tropical fruits.

I was a violent user of make up wipes and micellair water, but this product has made removing make up so much cheaper and less of a hassle.

The product retails at approximately 25 euros.

How to use

This product is literally the easiest to use and isn’t messy at all.

Just swipe the product on your face directly from the tube, make sure every part of your face has had a coating. Then just start working in the product until it’s starting to look milky white. If it takes a while to turn white, you can take a tiny bit of water to activate it.

Just rub in the product all over your face, but do avoid getting it into your eyes, because I can assure you, it really stings.

You will see that the product dissolves all your make up, without having it drip off your face. Then you just take a washing cloth with lukewarm water (or you can just rinse under the tap) and swipe off all your make up without any residu.

Your skin is left nourished, without feeling greasy.

One of my favorite discoveries lately!

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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