Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Eyeshadow Palette

Subculture, a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance

Hate it or love, the underdog’s on top! ABH had a reputation to keep up high after releasing the everlasting loved Modern Renaissance Palette. Right after the launch, YouTube exploded with negative reviews on this palette, calling it chalky powdery, a cheap rip-off and so on. People took up their makeup brushes and started swirling in the palette like a madman to proof the ‘poor quality’ of the palette and it not being pressed enough. The general opinion on this palette was ‘Don’t buy it’, yet this made me even more curious, so I took the makeup wand to myself and you know I’m gonna tell you all about it.


In Belgium, this palette retails online only at Planet Parfum at 54,90 euros. You can also find it in-store and online at Sephora, where it retails for 49 euros.


ABH went there again with the velvet exterior. This time the outside colour is darker, which doesn’t make the stains show up as easily. The interior is cardboard with a nice-sized mirror, ideal to do your makeup on the go.

The packaging doesn’t say how big the pans are and how much product they contain, but it looks exactly the same at the Modern Renaissance.

For the dual-sized brush, I have the same remark as with the Modern Renaissance, it’s too hard on the eyeshadows. The shadows work way better with different brushes.

I must say that my palette is very well pressed, even better than my version of Modern Renaissance. None of my eyeshadow in the palette  are powdery or do have a lot of fall-out.


Yup, the elephant in the room is being pointed at. This palette doesn’t do it’s name, Subculture, any damage. At first sight, the colors seem all over the place, they look confusing and hard to combine. I must admit, this palette really had me thoroughly think through a makeup look and not just starting out and slapping something on.

The 14 shades are divided into 3 metallics and 11 mattes, just like the Modern Renaissance. ABH itself describes that colors as follows:

Roxy – Ultra matte muted coral
Electric – Duo chrome lime-gold
Fudge – Ultra-matte warm bronze
New Wave – Ultra-matte citron orange
Untamed – Ultra-matte tarnished green
Edge – Ultra-matte gold mustard
Rowdy – Ultra-matte blackened purple
Axis – Ultra-matte blue-green
Mercury – Ultra-matte slate grey
All Star – Ultra-matte vintage wine
Adorn – Metallic bronze
Destiny – Ultra-matte sage green
Dawn – Ultra-matte sand
Cube – Duo chrome pink pearl

Don’t believe me just swatch

After swatching this palette and working with it, I must say I fell in love. Blending and getting the right pigment takes a bit of effort, but that’s all the fun in makeup right?

I immediately fell in love with all three metallics, all being superpigmented and much easier to work with than the ones in Modern Renaissance. What I didn’t like about the metallics, is the fact that Electric had run up into my other colors while wearing it during the day. Like hey! I did a lot of effort cutting that crease!

As you can see in the swatches, both Untamed and Rowdy are the most patchy colors of the palette, but they were quite okay to work with.

She’s got the look

I jumped into the palette, creating a festive, green makeup look!

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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