MadFitGaëtane #1 – I’m starting with that girl in the mirror

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending…

Allright, allright, start reading this blogpost with an eyeroll at the thought of another blogger sharing their New Year’s Resolutions. This blogpost is kinda different, usually I write blogposts to try to inspire other people, write something that means something to someone or bring something closer to the people. This post (and maybe the ones to follow) I’m writing mostly for myself, and if you can take inspiration off it good, but I’m writing this mostly to keep myself motivated and to say I did this! So let’s do this!

My goal is to fall in love with everything that I am

At the start of 2018, I’m switching that switch. I don’t need to get skinny, but I need to get healthy, for me and no one else. I often get ‘remarks’ in my daily life, of people commenting on my weight, my posture, how I don’t look good in certain clothing, and ever though I laugh it away with some sarcastic humor, deep down that remark haunts my mind sometimes for weeks. And this is when you start to doubt yourself, and my resolutions, besides getting fit, is to stop doubting myself. I am who I am, and no one can or will change me, so here I am standing strong.

You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it

To achieve my fitgoal in 2018, is to move every day. At work, I’m taking the stairs, I mean mostly, because after leg day, that elevator is calling my name. I combine different kinds of training in order to train my whole body. I need to get generally more fit, so I do running, using the Start 2 Run app. This app guides you from 0 to 5km running in 30min by doing interval training 3 times a week. It’s made for everyone and I must say it is accesible for everyone, there’s no peer pressure, no negativity, just music and running. I started on January 2nd with lesson 9, because I had already been running before the New Year, but I gave up somewhere half December.

Download the app for iOs here: Click!

Besides running, I’m trying to work on getting more lean, doing some exercises at home. How do you know what to do I hear you think? Well I’m actually a trained physio, so my head is full of potential exercises, I only need to get them done really. Sometimes, I don’t seem to know my own limits tho and seem to end up with severe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness, aka inability to move) and on those days, I like to ride my indoor bike

Just an insight in what I did so far

On January 2nd, I started on lesson 9 of the Start to Run program. In this program you do the same sequence of running walking for 3 sessions, which you are meant to complete in a week.

Session 9 is the last one of the trainings for week 3. Which consists of 2′ run – 2′ walk – 2′ run – 2′ walk – 4′ run – 3′ walk – 3′ run – 3′ walk – 3′ run – 3′ walk, it gives you a total of 14 minutes of running and 13 minutes of walking.

The day after, I had to move on to lesson 10-12. Which consists of 3′ run – 2′ walk – 4′ run – 3′ walk – 4′ run – 3′ walk – 3′ run – 2′ walk – 3′ run – 2′ walk, bringing a grand total of 29 minutes with 17 minutes of running and 12 minutes of walking.

On sunday, January 7th, I started a week 5. Week 5 brings 3 lessons of 4′ run – 3′ walk – 5′ run – 3′ walk – 5′ run – 3′ walk – 4′ run – 3′ walk. This is a grand total of 30 minutes, with 18 minutes of running and 12 minutes of walking. On Mondays I have evening class, so I didn’t do anything, but on Tuesday I was back at it for lesson 14 in the same schedule.

On Wednesday, I might’ve made the biggest mistake in this new year. I put together my own workout which mostly consisted of squats, lunges and ground exercises. The day after, I knew what I did, because I literally couldn’t move! My peach will be grateful in the end, but OMG sore much! So on Thursday I did some indoor biking and Friday is my fixed day to go and play tennis

The workout of death

Warm-up: Rope-skipping

  • 300 single unders – I ended up going to 598 until I missed
  • 50 double unders – this is turning the rope twice while jumping once

Fit test: 2 sets of 10 burpees

WOD with a 6kg kettlebell

  • 20 two-handed KB swings
  • 2×20 one-handed KB swings
  • 2×20 single arm KB push-outs standing
  • 20 walking lunges with passing KB under the legs
  • 2×10 sumo deadlift squats
  • 2×10 goblet squats

Core: 30 seconds normal plank – side plank both sides

Cooling down

  • 50x airsteps
  • 15x candle
  • 50x ankle touch
  • 10x bridging

Saturday was running day again and because of the still sore muscles it was my worst one yet.

And today, I was finally feeling less sore, so time for another home work-out. So I did mostly abs and a bit of peach.

The workout

Warm-up: 45″ seal jacks

  • 3 rounds of
    • 20x glute bridge
    • 10x kettlebell swings with 6kg
    • 20x ankle touch


  • 50x airsteps
  • 30x curl ups
  • 2×20 superman
  • 20x pushups on knees
  • 2×10 one arm kettlebell bench press lying down
  • 10x two-handed kettlebell bench press lying down
  • 15x candle
  • 30x scissors
  • 20x banana
  • 10x hands to elbow push up
  • 2×10 side plank dip down
  • 2×15 bend over low row
  • 5x weighted squat hold

I’m not sweating, I’m sparkling! Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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