Kat von D Beauty – Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed

This is my church, this is where I heal all my hurts… This eyecathing palette is very unusual design, got love and hate online. The one big flaw, in my opinion is the cacophony of colors and the poor placement and arrangement of the colors included. Yet the large array of colors is a lovely addition to any make up lover’s collection. The palette contains some very unusual colors and love combos of color and glitter. People’s criticism is that it’s hard tot find a look out of this palette, which I can’t do anything but say I agree, but anyway.. Let’s open this beauty…


The palette retails at Sephora for 59 euros for 24 pans. Although this price range seems quite high, I was surprised by how large this palette and its pans actually are large!


Kat really stepped out of the travel friendly convenience box with this palette, coming up with a gothic stained glass window design, bigger than two Naked Palettes sticked together.

Both inside and outside are made of cardboard. The palette opens up to both sides, revealing two large mirrors in each half and revealing either saint, sinner or a bit of both.


As I stated before, the colors are a little bit all over the place, if you look at the palette in general. The colors are very original, very out there, any very pigmented and some really glittery! Let’s look at both sides individually.


The 12 ‘Saint’-shades consists of 3 matte shades, 5 shimmy shades and 4 metallic glittery shades. The main tones are purples, lilacs and silver, with exceptions for immaculate (a kaki) and sacred heart (an orange).

Mattes: Amen – Crucifix – Baptism

Shimmers: Worship – Immaculate – Sacred Heart – Sanctuary – Rosary

Metallics: Absolution – Chalice – Heaven – Cathedral


The 12 ‘Sinner’-shades are a grab together of all kinds of colors. This sides consists of green , purples, yellows, browns, in short everything you can think of. It consists of 4 mattes, 4 shimmers and 4 metallics

Mattes: Sabbath – Martyr – Devil – Exorcism

Shimmers: Ashes – Revalation – Exodus – Stigmata

Metallics: Rapture – Vestment – Ministry – Relic

Don’t believe me just swatch



Worship – Immaculate

Chalice – SAcred Heart – Amen

Sanctuary – Heaven – Crucifix

Cathedral – Rosary – Baptism

As you can see, all three light shade, namely Absolution, Amen and Baptism, are very light and lack a bit of pigment while swatching. Baptism appears very chalky and patchy for such a light color. All the colors are beautifully pigmented and have a nice formula.

The Sinner Shades:


Sabbath – Ashes

Martyr – Devil – Revelation

Vestment – Ministry – Exodus

Exorcism – Relic – Stigmata

In these heavier, more colorful shades, the two disappointments while swatching are Sabbath and Exorcism. They’re both really dry, resulting in patchiness while swatching. Relic is honestly the most pigmented and buttery yellow gold in my collection

The metallics are extremely buttery, but they’re not heavily pressed, so don’t push to hard in them.

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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