Anastasia Beverly Hills – Prism Palette

A transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light

After the Modern Renaissance & Subculture palette, ABH was breaking the internet once more with a third palette in the series: the Prism palette. Nothing special you’d think, until the colours revealed and ABH puts a bright, neon lime colored called Sphere between all the beautiful warm toned mattes and metallics.


The palette hasn’t been released in Belgium yet, but at Sephora France the palette retails at 49 euros.


Packaging is the classic ABH velvet exterior. This time very geometrically set out in black and gold. The interior is cardboard with a nice-sized mirror, ideal for make up on the go.


This palette reflects light literally, because there’s a bunch of metallic shades waiting to be played with. The colors are all a bit deeper and darker than the other palettes. They do fit more together than the Subculture for example, with Sphere being the absolute stand out.

The 14 shades are divided into 7 mattes, 2 duo-chromes and 5 metallics. ABH itself describes the colors as follows:

Lucid – Duo chrome white gold with pink reflect
Eden – Ultra-matte coral pink
Unity – Ultra-matte nude ochre
Sphinx – Metallic warm bronze
Osiris – Metallic midnight violet with red reflect
Sphere – Ultra-matte electric green-yellow
Obsidian – Ultra-matte deep black
Dimension – Duo chrome silver-grey with pink reflect
Parallel – Ultra-matte truffle
Pyramid – Metallic yellow gold with green reflect
Throne – Metallic blackened blue-green with multicolor reflect
Saturn – Ultra-matte terracotta
Eternal – Metallic violet copper
Lure – Ultra-matte ashy lilac

Don’t believe me just swatch

The top rop from left to right: Lucid – Eden – Unity – Sphinx – Osiris – Sphere – Obsidian

As you can see the first shaden the duo-chrome Lucid is the least pigmented of the first row. Besides I don’t get the big trouble with getting these blacks right, this one is also very patchy and flakey. The metallics are big, bold and pigmented to the gods.

Lower row from left to right: Dimension – Parallel – Pyramid – Throne – Saturn – Eternal – Lure

This row is literally the bomb. All are very pigmented, soft and smooth.

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now




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