Louis Vuitton – Frontrow Sneakers

Sneakers are so frontrow

I love a bit of high end shopping, I must admit. Something about luxury products makes me feels quite posh. I’ve been eyeing a Louis Vuitton handbag for a while, but they are so very expensive! I’ve also been crazy about their shoes, so my parents kindly got me a pair of shoes as my Christmas presents! Let’s show them off…

Shopping experience

I got my shoes in the Louis Vuitton shop in Shoe Heaven in Harrods last summer. They had so many beautiful shoes, especially the ones with heels, but I already own so many heels that I don’t get much wear out. My eye dropped on a pair of army-like boots and their sneaker section. The boots were actually not very well for my shape of legs, so I was on to try some of their sneakers. I fell in love with the black leather Frontrow Sneakers. Even the whole shopping experience makes you feel so special, even if you don’t end up buying anything.

Frontrow sneakers

I can’t wait to wear this with a casual outfit, pimping it up with these fancy sneakers. 

Keep sparkling!
TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!



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  1. joyfuldreams says:

    Je ne suis pas très fan des baskets habituellement, mais je t’avoue que cette paire me fait tellement envie ! Elle est sublime ! J’adore les petites touches de gold dont le logo sur les lacets.


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