Pirates… Princesses… Make your choice!

There’s no denying, we can rely on inner power!

Whirling, twirling, always swirling, princesses are stars. Hearing, cheering, buckaneering, pirates all say aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. This main piece of new entertainment is the ultimate highlight of this new season. Let’s go!

The Story

Make your choice and find your inner power! Four times a day Betty Rose & Jimmy Ocean respectively lead their princess & pirate friends for the most epic riff off in Disney history.

Betty Rose & Mickey are bringing the sass with the main princesses, snapping their fingers and taking selfies. Jimmy Ocean & Minnie bring along Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook and Smee and Jake the Neverland Pirate to battle with daring swordfights and yelling aaaaaaaaaaaargh! After each doing a show stop on either Castle Stage or Main Street, Princesses and Pirates battle it off and face each other on Central Plaza for a dance battle. Learn the dance routine and join your team on their side of Central Plaza: Princesses to the left and Pirates to the right and battle it off for epic victory!

Dance routine

A few weeks before the season launched, Disneyland Paris itself launched two dance routine videos. And I honestly think we all shared the same thought: oh god no! The videos looked very cheesy and didn’t seem to make sense. Personally, I saw no point in willing to learn the choreography. How wrong I was… After seeing the opening show, I found myself going on youtube and checking it out and trying to get it before the next show! When set into Central Plaza, you just want to join in and battle it off!

Best spots to watch & my tips

This show is definitely a full experience, one point of view surely isn’t gonna cover all your princess and pirate love. In this section, I will try to explain a little more about show stops and the central plaza battle. The show runs four times a day. Depending on the team of your preference, you can choose your location to watch.


During the first and third show, the princesses start their way from Fantasyland (gate near It’s a small world) and they do their show stop on the castle stage. The float is empty starting at the gate, so that’s definitely not the place to go. You can decide to watch the show stop in front of the stage, but be sure to arrive in time, because it gets crowded quite quickly. You can also watch the princesses pass by under the castle (on some FB groups it’s called the ‘secret spot’) and catch the battle on Central Plaza.
During the second and fourth show, the princesses start from Main Street and do their show stop on Main Street, on the crossing with Flower Street (near Walt’s An American Restaurant).
After their show stop, either on Castle Stage or Main Street, the princesses get off the float again for the dance battle on Central Plaza. After this the floats drive away, there are no more show stops.


The pirate actually just go the opposite. During the first and third show, they start on Main Street and do the show stop near Walt’s.  During the second and fourth show, they start at Fantasyland gate and do the show stop on Castle Stage. Same as for the princesses, they join in the battle on central plaza and drive off after.

The Battle on Central Plaza

Both teams come together on central plaza for the most epic dance battle. The princesses go on the two left stages when facing the castle, the pirates on the two right stages. If you think you’re getting confused, you can check the lampposts who are decorated to join their favorite side. The countless dancers and the floats stay around the Hub during the performance. Because the inside of the hub gets roped off, you get to be on an ‘island’ for the show, resulting it’s not that crowded and you can move around from one stage to another.

Do note that every individual show top is approximately 10 minutes long.

My favorite areas

I think to state you have seen it all for this show, you want to watch it about 5 different times.

My favorites are quite logical if you’ve read the above, but a brief summary is:

  • Pirate Show Stop on Main Street USA (show 1 & 3)
  • Princess Show Stop on Castle Stage (show 1 & 3)
  • Pirate Show Stop on Castle Stage (show 2 & 4)
  • Princess Show Stop on Main Street USA (show 2 & 4)
  • Central Plaza
  • Princess passing under the castle

If you are into interaction, Main Street showstops are definitely the place to be, as the characters and dancers come really up close to dance and they might even share a hug.

So are you a princess or are you a pirate?

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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