Disney Fandaze 2018 – Exclusive Character Madness Package

It’s fun to be a fan!

Last weekend was the moment we all had been waiting for since getting our package booked since January. It was time head over to Disneyland Paris to attend Disney Fandaze with our Character Madness Package. Our package started off on Saturday 2nd of June until June 4th. I personally stayed in Hotel Santa Fe during the festivities.

The Package

Our package came with not only a entry ticket to the Disney Fandaze Inaugural Party, but it came with 4 exclusive Character experiences. All of which I’ll talk you through in this blogpost. A completely separate post will be dedicated to the Inaugural Party. Besides these special activities. We got a special lanyard & pin & a dedicated Photopass +.

Meet & Play Pre-Farewell Street Party  with Disney Fandaze Characters

At 1am during the Inaugural Party, we were asked to meet in the Disney Junior theatre for a very special meet and greet. Nobody knew what was about to happen, but we were in for an awesome surprise! We got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Duffy & Shellie May in their brand new special Fandaze outfits. We had a lovely time playing around with them and having our photos taken.

Exclusive Character Encounter with Mickey & Minnie in their Fandaze Outfits

On Sunday Morning, we were invited to meet the main mouses again over in the Studios. Waking up early after the best night at the Inaugural Party, we had our appointment at 10.30. We had a 30 minute time slot to meet Mickey & Minnie along with approximately 5 other families, which was so cool because we got a lot of time to dance and chat with them. They told us they looked forward to having brunch with us later.

Sunday Brunch with eight Disney Characters in Disney Fandaze Outfits.

By 1pm, we attended the Sunday Brunch in the Disneyland Hotel. There was also a normal Brunch themed to Wonderland. We were very fortunate to have the VIP’s attend in their Fandaze outfits.

Exclusive Character Encounters with Oswald & Ortensia

Immediately after brunch, we had one last private meet & greet over in the Studios, which was promising to be the most exclusive one of this weekend. Ortensia made her worldwide debut meeting people around any Disney park


Time for my personal thoughts on this weekend. For me personally, this weekend was the absolute dream! Even if we had to stick to quite a strict schedule, I never had the feeling to be rushed around or got the feeling we were missing out on other things. Only maybe the brunch was too strictly planning between the two private meets, making us having to rush from the restaurent to the Studios to meet Oswald & Ortensia. During the private meet & greet we got plenty of time to rock all our favorite poses, make photos & videos and group photos with friends. I’d do it all over again in an instant.

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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