How I met most of my friends online…

and that’s okay, because they’re the best ones I could wish for…

You remember, when you were little, your parents would tell you not to talk to strangers, never to meet up with people you meet online, etc.? Yeah I do for sure, but times have changed and so has my view on meeting ‘new’ friends. I’ve met most of my friends through the Internet, and yes the thought of that is scary, but at least we met through our mutual love and passion, which is Disney.

The goal of this post is not to go and call out every individual friend I’ve made, because the risk is real I will forget to mention and I don’t want that. Everyone I’ve met through Disney is equally as important to me, whether we hang out every trip or we’ve only met briefly. Of course there’s always closer friends, where I can pour my heart and soul into their hands and they’re there for me. Still never had I thought I’d find those people through the medium of internet.

My entrance to the online Disney scene, wasn’t smooth. Actually it felt like I had speedwalking myself into a brick wall. Which going into too much detail, I have written a blogpost about the issues I had with online bullying, you can catch up here. And there is where my 16-year old self’s self-esteem got dented really bad. When I thought I had found a group of people I could chat with about our mutual passion, it ended up being a living hell.

After a while, I put myself back together and entered the world of Twitter and that’s honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. The Twitter community welcomed me with open arms, and I felt like a belonged back in the community. I’m not saying everything’s lovely all day every day on Twitter, but to me Twitter has been THE platform for me to get in touch and start chatting with my current group of friends. You start chatting on twitter, you meet up while in the park and you just roll with it. I know it can be scary sometimes, but I promise if you trust your heart and your feeling about people, everything will be just fine.

The main thing I want to adress in this post, I how grateful I am for the friends I have. Sometimes, it’s not easy, as we are all far apart, but when we are together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We share our mutual love for Disney, we can chat about that or more personal stuff and can really be ourselves with each other. And that’s what friendship’s all about no?

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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