Disney Fandaze Party 2018 – Rare Character Madness

It’s fun to be a fan!

And you’re very welcome that I’ve put this song back in your head 2 months overdue! While scrolling through my pictures at Disneyland Paris during this year, I remembered I actually haven’t updated on my experience on the Fandaze Inaugural Party. Since everyone and their mom have already written reviews, filmed videos etc. I will mostly focus on my happy moments of the night, which was meeting not less than 18 new characters I had never met before, upping my character count to #172 in Disneyland Paris only! Let’s start!

Atlantis, the lost Empire

My first aim of the night, was meeting characters from one of my all-time favorite underrated movies, Milo Thatch and Kida. I had been playing this moment in my head for weeks, as they were announced to be there, and I thought I had my moment ready. When actually at the moment I walked up to them, I was completely starstruck and didn’t know what to say, I felt so embaressed, because if you know me, I usually always know what to say.

#155 – Milo Thatch
#156 – Kida

Chicken Little

Roaming around Place des Frères Lumière were our favorites two little chickens Chicken Little & Abby Mallard. There was a bit of a scrum, so I could only grab a blurry selfie, but we had a cute interaction.

#157 – Chicken Little
#158 – Abby Mallard


Huey was being the cutest little nephew on the Dance your Ducktales Parade. He come over to dance with me and for some hugs and selfies. Darkwing was being dangerous in Toon Town.

#159 – Huey

#160 – Darkwing Duck


Also high on my priority list for the night were all the Hercules characters. Hercules and Hades got seperated into Heroes & Villains Alley, which I failed to do because the queueline was huge. But we did get to meet Megara & Philoctetes

#161 – Megara
#162 – Philoctetes

Meet the Robinsons

Roaming around Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, we found Lewis & Wilbur Robinson & the Bowler Hat Guy. The villain was so busy dancing along to the Ducktales parade, I didn’t manage to meet him, but the boys kindly posed for a selfie.

#163 – Lewis Robinson

#164 – Wilbur Robinson

Mickey & Friends

As part of the Character Madness Package we had booked, we were luckily enough to be a few of the 16 people to experience a world debut of a brand new character. Ortensia, accompagnied Oswald, was the most special character I’ve met to date.

#165 – Oswald, the lucky Rabbit
#166 – Ortensia

Monsters Inc

We have a 23-19! Luckily Needleman is around to help George get rid off that sock on his back.

#167 – George Sanderson
#168 – Needleman

Songs of the South

I was missing one of the brers in my collection, so time to meet with Brer Rabbit!

#169 – Brer Rabbit

The Three Caballeros

Ay caramba! Gauchito, Burrito & Yaya joined in the fun too, I was so happy to see them!

#170 – Yaya

#171 – Gauchito
#172 – Burrito

Keep sparkling!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!




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