It’s a great big year – Halloween 2018 at Disneyland Paris

When the harvest ends
And the fun begins
We’ll be singin’ and dancin’ with all of our friends
To celebrate this really great big year
Halloween season 2018 has kicked off and what a kick it was. Rolling halloween and harvest time all into one from October 1st till November 4th this year, Disneyland Paris is relaunching their spooky season with a bang! Today I’ll talk you through everything there is to do & see during this season! Let’s get this party started, so that everyone can take part!
Meets with Disney Characters
The season welcomes three new Meet & Greet opportunities this year.
During EMT you can meet Devil Donald near Casey’s Corner, he gets replaced by Stitch during the day at the Costuming Corner
Hola Amigos! José Carioca & Panchito Pistoles are ready to take the train to Baia near Cowboy Cookout!

Pluto asked Mickey if he could meet guests this year, so instead of dancing with the scarecrows he is now meeting guests near Boarding House.

Recurring Halloween meets this year
Cheshire Cat near L’Arbre Enchanté (Mad Hatter’s Teacups)

Queen of Hearts next to Mad Hatter’s Teacups

Maleficent in the Castle Courtyard

Goofy & his candy machine near Discovery Arcade

Stitch at his Costume Corner near Casey’s Corner

Jack Skellington near Phantom Manor

Minnie (& Mickey) in their Dia de los Muertos outfits near Cowboy Cookout

Captain Hook facing the Pirate Ship
Jafar near Agrabah Cafe
Mickey’s Halloween Celebration
The new and improved Halloween cavalcade is back after a year off during the 25th festivities.
Our beloved Halloween Cavalcade is returning in a new format, rolling down the parade route to it’s original Vive la Vie, but in addition to that, it now has a show stop to the brand new tune by Scott Erickson ‘Great Big Year’.
Great Big year.jpg
Illusion Manor is the centerpiece of the upgraded cavalcade, it’s pure magic! The Phantom has summoned his ghostly friends to join Melanie Ravenswood around the manor and also has gotten a hold on Mickey, who can’t seem to decide which outfit to wear to the Ballroom. Huey, Dewey & Louie join them dancing in the backyard of the Manor dressed at cute little devils.

It’s good to be bad with the Disney Villains
One of my favorite shows is also back again this year! Less different versions this year, it’s gotten cut down to two versions. One hosted by the Evil Queen & the other hosted by Cruella, but it’s not all about our fur-loving lady. Maleficent Donald has joined the villains to crash the party! It’s all about Quackificent this year!
Like the previous, the villains do come down to meet guests after the shows, you can meet them near the branches put around Castle Stage and the thorny circles on the floor

It’s a good time now, so hurry along! There’s no time to be waitin’!
Keep sparkling

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