She’s addicted to the song lyrics that spill out her heart for her…

Personally I couldn’t live a day without music. There’s music for every mood, but music can also change your mood. Have you ever had that feeling when a song directly speaks to you? I’m sure you have…

Music can make you laugh, or make you cry. A song can be associated with a memory, and every time the song is on, you’ll think of that moment. Music makes you feel!

On this page, I will share my music favorites, one song a day. If one of these songs can mean something to me, I’m sure they can to someone else too. I hope this page lets you discover new music or song you’ve never heard before, or lets you rediscover a song you’ve forgotten about. I’d also love your music recommendations in the comments, so feel free to fill my heart with music…

Good girls keep diaries, bad girls just never have the time

No diaries for me, but I’d love to share a song with you all every day. I might wrong a line about the specific reason why a song was chosen for that day, no essays, just love for the music.

A song a day – October 2017
A song a day – November 2017
A song a day… – December 2017

A song a day… – January 2018

Some days I need the music, some days I need the lyrics

Music is in my life almost 24/7. I am not talented to sing or play an instrument, but I have a very specific talent going to waste: knowing almost all the lyrics to all songs. And what better way to sing (very badly sing) your heart out in the car for example, getting weird looks from other drivers and putting a smile on their face! Such a good feeling! Or even spotting someone sing along as well, and trying to guess which song they’re singing! Try it! It’s so much fun!